The past year, I’ve been thinking intently about my own transition to the post Facebook world.

I don’t think I’ll eliminate my Facebook, but once my social media footprint on Tumblr and other platforms (Flickr, 500px, etc) reach critical mass, the transition will be a no brainer for me, for a few critically important reasons, listed below.

Privacy: Facebook has shown themselves willing to sell out their users’ information at the drop of a hat to advertisers. I have never been particularly comfortable with targeted advertising, but the past few years its gotten progressively worse.

Censorship: Facebook, in its infinite hubris, deems itself the arbiter of American morality. In typical American fashion, this includes deleting, censoring, and banning photos involving nude or partially nude human figures, while at the same time allowing posts involving gratuitous violence to flourish under the banner of free speech. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: breasts and dicks are not traumatizing, dead babies and people’s guts spilled out in the street are. To me at least. Regardless of what others’ personal sensibilities are, I should not have my artistic content, which certainly never hurt anyone, deleted because of antiquated puritanical bullshit. If someone can’t handle beautiful forms, thats on them, and I shouldn’t bear the burden of their closed-mindedness.

Government/Big Brother: A few years ago, The Onion (iirc) did a spoof calling Facebook the best CIA project ever. Its funny how the truth is often spoken in jest. Facebook has shown itself more than simply just complacent to invasive and extraordinary government violation of basic expected privacy, they’ve demonstrated themselves a willing and eager partner. Recently I read about how they’ve begun a pilot program monitoring messages for drug references** and self reporting them to law enforcement.

** Separate from that sort of thing which I assume the NSA/CIA are already doing

Opacity: Facebook deleted my artist page last year that I’d spent years building. Without so much as a warning, or any sort of explanation. I tried for weeks to get in touch with someone, anyone, who could tell me why my page was deleted, and how (if at all) I could get it back. I lost hundreds of followers, and tens of thousands of interactions, photo tags, etc that were impossible to get back, to no avail. Eventually I had to give up and start anew.

Pages: A few years ago, Facebook began nerfing content views on pages. Shortly thereafter, they began charging page owners for views. I’m a small time, independent, mixed medium artist. I do not have the financial resources to spend money to give away my art. Thats fucking absurd. This is of course, on top of the targeted advertising Facebook forces on people. In my eyes, that essentially amounts to double dipping. Its charging the pigs to live in the slaughterhouse.


Tumblr is just better. I have infinitely greater control over visual presentation, should I choose to utilize it, they have minimally intrusive advertising, and they don’t censor my art or that of my friends. Overall, it just feels more genuine. I might be wrong, but I get the feeling like if something went really wrong with my blog on Tumblr, someone from the company would proactively reach out directly to resolve it.

Lets start this slow, but steady transition together, to platforms that genuinely value their users. Join me on Tumblr at